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Olive Oil Products

Olive growing on the island of Rab has a long tradition and is specific for the olive-sheep symbiosis. Sheep are free to graze throughout the year and thus clean the pastures and manure olive trees. To preserve fruit quality, olives are hand-picked and processed on the same day in the oil mill. The orcula is the ancient Greek olive type which has been preserved in the Kvarner region. We offer high quality extra virgin olive oil with 0.8g of oleic acid in 100g. Olive oil is known for its benefits and helps with different conditions, such as atherosclerosis, cardiovascular diseases, bone aging, digestive diseases and some kinds of tumors.

Sheep cheese in olive oil

Apart from extra virgin olive oil, we would warmly recommend our delicacy -sheep cheese in high quality olive oil enriched with herbal extracts.


  1. Extra virgin olive oil 0.25l
  2. Extra virgin olive oil with herbal extracts 0.25l
  3. Extra virgin olive oil 0.5l
  4. Extra virgin olive oil 1l
  5. Sheep cheese in olive oil 200g

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