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If you're fond of sweet delicacies you're invited to try the Cake of Rab, one of the ultimate Croatian desserts.

It was first served in 1177 to Pope Alexander II after the benediction of St. Mary's Ascension Cathedral at Rab, and it was a specialty during Venetian reign more than 300 years ago when it was served in wealthy houses of Rab's patricians.

The original and yet secret recipe with all the details for the preparation of this delicious cake was known to very few who would pass it on. Today it is made for festive occasions and the only difference is that it is no longer reserved only for nobility and wealthy citizens. It has become the most distinctive souvenir of the island of Rab and spread a touch of its tradition to all parts of the world. Several days of work together with patience and years of experience are necessary for the first-grade cake making. As it is so difficult to introduce it with words we would suggest you to try the Cake of Rab for yourself and share the pleasure with your loved ones.

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