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Rab is a medieval town surrounded by walls, also known for its ancient Roman heritage-it was the emperor Octavian Augustus who gave Rab the title of Municipium in 10 BC. Rab is recognised for its well known two-century-old image depicting the silhouette of four bell towers standing on a rocky cliff of the peninsula. Every building here has undergone a change with dozens of generations. Above Renaissance and Gothic portals there are coats of arms of aristocratic families whose descendants are nowadays your hosts. It is only this kind of environment that could produce something as beautiful as the Cake of Rab.

The Cake of Rab is recognised for its unique blend of the sun, a sour stone taste and savour of barren land. It is these particular almonds with sugar crystals, scented lemon and a peculiar taste of the Maraskino liqueur that are the cornerstone of this centuries old and unique delicacy known as the Cake of Rab.

With other ingredients -kept as a secret, the Cake of Rab dates back from the year 1177 when it was served for the first time to Pope Alexander II after benediction of St. Mary's Ascension Cathedral at Rab. The Cake of Rab was known as a specialty even 300 years ago during Venetian reign in wealthy houses of Rab's patricians. It was served during festive ceremonies. It was roundish and was commonly baked in special moulds.

Nuns from the Benedictine Monastery of St Andrija and St Joseph Padovano Monastry played a crucial role in saving the old recipes. Old ladies, with knowledge and dexterity of blending all the ingredients for the Cake of Rab in a magical way, are becoming a thing of the past. Their recepies are treasured as the valuable legacy of tender dough making with a scented core. It has become a unique souvenir of Rab that we give to our friends as a gift.

All scents and tastes of the Kvarner Littoral together with experience and dexterity of making treasured for centuries give harmony to the Cake of Rab.

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