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Years of work and dedication have brought us a number of acknowledgements for participations and support that come as part of our work together with different awards for our accomplishements. We are active at the Rapska Fjera annual festival.

Acknowledgements and awards we have won:

  • In 2000: 1st place at the 13th Congress of Gastronomy under the name Coat of Arms of the City of Rab
  • In 2005: 1st award for the souvenir of the year at Kvarner Expo -Croatian souvenir fair
  • In 2005: 1st award at the fair of healthy foods and medicinal herbs in Dubrovnik
  • In 2005: Blue Flower 2005 -Croatian Tourist Board recognition for the most original souvenir offer
  • In 2006: 1st award at Zagreb International Autumn Fair for the spiral-shaped Cake of Rab
  • In 2008: Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure at the Briuni Islands -the Island Product Brand for the Cake of Rab and mustaconi -traditional Rab's delicacy
  • In 2008: 3rd place in the dessert category at the 21st Tourism and Catering Congress in Opatija

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