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Vilma Bakery was founded in 1996 by Brna Vilma and a family at Banjol 162 street at Rab, Croatia. Back then there was only one employee while today there are ten or more during the peak season. Together with pastry production the store Vilma -Delicacies was opened with varieties of pastries and wines, liqueurs, brandies, olive oils and other delicacies typical of Rab. In 2002 Kristofor Cafe was opened and operates under Mali Palit. It was named after St. Kristofor, a patron saint of Rab. The offer includes pastries, croissants and autochthonous delicacies, warm drinks, jucies and spirits. In 2007 Delicium Arba was opened in the very centre of Rab. It is known for its excellent offer which includes all the traditional Vilma's products as well as those from other Croatian producers (brandies, wines, olive oils, honey, liqueurs and souvenirs).

For the last ten years it is hard to find a tourist fair representing Rab or festivities where the famous Cake of Rab is not served. This unique delicacy comes in most cases from Vilma Bakery. The late Bo×o SokoliŠ was a lagendary baker in Rab and Vilma's teacher after he revealed an old recipe he got from Benedictine Monastery nuns. It is the nuns who helped save the recipe intact and available for generations to come. The cake originated in Venice and was immediately accepted on the island of Rab as it was allegedly rich with almonds back in the time.

The Cake of Rab from Vilma Bakery was recognised for its distinctiveness at 2002 K÷ln Tourist Fair, where it was formed to read Kvarner.

Vilma Bakery Vilma Bakery Vilma Bakery Vilma Bakery

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